Woodsey on the Porterhouse in Temple Bar

Good live music in Dublin

Back in 2006 I experienced Woodsey for the first time. I was new in Dublin and went to the Porterhouse in Temple Bar. Since then I’ve seen him many times. I immediately realised that Woodsey is not like any other sing-a-song entertainer that I’ve seen in Dublin – and I have seen many! Woodsey manages to catch his audience through an intense show, in which he at times uses his guitar more as a drum than playing the strings. He plays old classic rock and blues songs, such as Sweet Home Alabama and Come Together. It is impossible to describe the experience it is to see Woodsey live. The video will not do either. You have to go and see him. Today, in 2014, he is still there! A bartender told me that he has been playing on the Porterhouse for the last 15 years. Currently he plays most Thursdays from 11pm to 1am. Enjoy the Show! Yeah Woodsey, Yeah!!!

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