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Is Dublin expensive to live

How expensive Dublin really is?

According to many sources, Dublin is one of the most expensive cities in the world. For example, a cost of Living comparison website Expatistan tells us that Dublin is in the world’s top 40. It ranks as a lot cheaper than London and Geneva but it is much more expensive than Berlin and Dallas.

Your impression of how expensive Dublin is will depend on where you are coming from. If you have seen other large European cities such as London or Paris, you will not think that the prices are crazy here. If you have ever been to Sydney, you will notice that Dublin is a lot cheaper.

Rip-Off Ireland

On the other hand, people who live in Ireland sometimes refer to the cost of living and working here as Rip-Off Ireland. We use this term to highlight the dissatisfaction about the fact that prices in Ireland are a lot higher than elsewhere in Europe. This is particularly true with respect to housing.

Cost of accommodation in Dublin

Typical monthly cost of living in a two-bedroom apartment in Dublin is something like this:


Many newcomers decide to split the cost by sharing an apartment or a house. I share a very nice place with two friends and this means that we can divide the cost between us.

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What is the cost of food in Dublin

If it still seems a lot, do not forget that you also have to eat. On average, I spend about 130 euro on shopping each month. Usually I am not extravagant with my purchases but I do not tend to save on food. I buy meat at a local butcher. For 20 euro, I can make supplies for the whole week. The rest of the money goes towards fruit, vegetables, and anything else that I like.

The cost of clothes

Clothes in Ireland are cheap. For a very low price, you can buy new clothes in shops like Penney’s. If you are looking for discounted high street brands, TKmax offers very good deals. I was very surprised to see that clothes are more expensive in places like Poland or Brazil.

The cost of public transport in Dublin

Public transport in Dublin is expensive and many people complain about its quality. A monthly ticket costs over a hundred euro. Students are entitled to a discount but it is not a big discount. Nowadays cycling becomes more and more popular alternative to public transport. It is also my preferred method of moving around Dublin. I save a lot of money every month thanks to that.

Is Dublin expensive to drink

If you party a lot, Dublin is going to be expensive for you. Ireland has a big tax on alcohol. As a result, alcohol costs more here than in many other parts of the world. On average, the cost of a glass of beer in Dublin is 5 euro. Anything lower than that is a good deal and anything higher is a rip-off.

So how much do I spend each month

Overall, on average, I spend about 1000 euro each month. This does not include unexpected outgoings such as medical expenses. I also did not include holiday expenses. I did include a few nights out, gym membership, monthly cinema ticket and a few parties.

Additional resources

Expatistan is a great resource that provides information about prices in various parts of the world. They have a large up-to-date database of cities. If you are thinking of moving here or visiting Dublin, you can compare the average prices between your city and Dublin.

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