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Student Accommodation in Dublin


Has lived in Dublin for over 10 years.

Finding student accommodation in Dublin is now arguably the biggest challenge students face. This is why we previously wrote about housing shortages in Dublin as well as problems with shared accommodation. Securing decent accommodation can be tricky for both students and professionals. Generally speaking the needs of students with regards to accommodation are quite similar regardless whether you are Irish, Brazilian or from any other country.

Accommodation to suit your needs

Ireland in general and Dublin in particular are famous for high accommodation prices.

A major factor that comes into play when choosing accommodation will undoubtedly be the cost.

Ireland in general and Dublin in particular are famous for high accommodation prices. To avoid paying too much you can take a look at our Price Watch where we list the current accommodation prices in Dublin.

The second most important factor is location. You will want a place that is close to your school or at least lies on a convenient transport route to your school. offers a handy search for students looking for accommodation. You can search by college, area, type, number of beds, transport route and price. The search produces results from Daft’s vast database of rental properties.

To find the best deal you may decide to find a place that is not in direct vicinity of your school. In that case you may want to read our guide regarding Transport in Dublin.

Don’t forget that you will also need to do school work. You want to make sure that you have a basic place to study.

If you can afford renting a room on your own, you will see that a lot of the cheap rooms offered as student accommodation are actually box rooms where you can hardly fit a bed. At the very minimum you will probably want to have a desk but sometimes there is just no space for that.

Alternatively you can study in a library, a cafe, or checkout the guys at the Clockwork Door. it is an open house in Dublin city centre. You are charged by the minute (the prices are pretty reasonable) and you can enjoy unlimited free tea, coffee and biscuits.

Where to look for student accommodation

Daft and similar sites are great tools but there are other ways to find student accommodation.

Daft is the biggest property search website in Ireland. However, it is not the only one. You can start your search on the most popular property search websites. You will need to be patient and get ready for having to go through several viewings before you secure your accommodation.

While researching for this article I found several websites that advertise student accommodation online. Checking what offer may also be useful:

There are several Facebook groups where people regularly post accommodation ads. The most popular are

University students may be eligible for campus accommodation. Campus accommodation is usually more expensive than private rented accommodation. However, there are many benefits to it. Student accommodation on campus is fully fitted to fulfil your studying needs and that makes it extremely convenient. Additionally it is a place to establish long-lasting friendships with people sharing your interests and passions. If your school does not provide campus accommodation, it may be offering some advice or may have a notice board with accommodation vacancies.


Has lived in Dublin for over 10 years.

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