Latest Irish Headlines

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headline.source May 20, 22:19 Flanagan to point to dissident threat and journalist’s murder in seeking to renew anti-terror law
headline.source May 20, 21:05 Boy (5) recovering after he got stuck in pipe and had to be freed by emergency services
Irish Times May 20, 20:59 Protection from prosecution for soldiers in North sought by Tory MPs
headline.source May 20, 20:56 Paw Patrol: Meet the former HSE paramedic now helping fight terrorism in the US
headline.source May 20, 20:45 GAA star says he is 'lucky to be alive' after his skull was fractured in one punch assault
Irish Times May 20, 20:24 ‘Exciting’ co-living scheme slated as ‘21st century bedsits’
Irish Times May 20, 20:16 Superbug outbreak closes parts of Letterkenny University Hospital
headline.source May 20, 20:01 'Vital links' between Ireland and the UK must remain 'whatever happens', Prince Charles says during Co Wicklow visit
headline.source May 20, 19:35 Communion plates with 'immense personal value' and a TV stolen from church
Irish Times May 20, 19:22 Stars of past and present pay respects to Dublin’s Anton O’Toole
headline.source May 20, 19:08 Hospital tells woman she will be waiting 175 weeks before she sees consultant, councillor claims
headline.source May 20, 18:53 Government announces €1.3m in sports funding just days before local elections
Irish Times May 20, 18:39 Man seeks to halt trial for alleged assault on female relative
Irish Times May 20, 18:39 Medieval hut at UCD burned down in ‘arson’ attack
headline.source May 20, 18:32 'A legend through and through' - Dubs stars among those mourning funeral of 'Blue Panther' Anton O'Toole
Irish Times May 20, 18:22 Policy on gay men donating blood challenged in High Court
Irish Times May 20, 18:09 Man jailed for sexual abuse of intellectually disabled girl
headline.source May 20, 17:56 Ana Kriegel murder trial: Boy B told gardai that Boy A asked him to call to Ana's house
headline.source May 20, 17:31 Former psychic on trial for €1.7 million deception and money laundering offences acknowledged controlling bank account, court heard
headline.source May 20, 17:27 High Court makes directions for meeting of INM shareholders to consider €145m Mediahuis acquisition
headline.source May 20, 17:19 Former meditation teacher jailed for three years for sexual attacks on a child
headline.source May 20, 17:18 Man brings court challenge against blood transfusion service after they prevented him from donating
headline.source May 20, 17:12 Frank McNamara and Theresa Lowe seeking High Court approval for €3m debt write down
headline.source May 20, 17:11 Call for spare funds in Injuries Board to be used to fight insurance fraud
Irish Times May 20, 16:58 Former psychic on trial for deception, money laundering offences