Dublin4you Newsletter - Issue #2

APRIL 2020

Upgrade to the Work From Home setup

This week I purchased a desk from Flying Elephant (no affiliate connection). I have to say it has greatly enhanced my WFH setup.

Flying Elephant is an example of a company that was able to quickly seize an opportunity that created itself in the market.

Normally an events company, Flying Elephant turned their creative energies to providing solutions for remote workers in the form of affordable, easy to assemble desks.

We encourage you to check them out.

Covid-19 Update

Official numbers as of this publication:

18,184 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ireland

829 deaths

Lockdown measures are still in place until Tuesday, May 5. Please respect the restrictions!

Stay at home as much as possible.

Uplifting news

Tom Hanks writes to bullied boy called 'Corona' [RTE]

Tom Hanks, who is himself suffering from the Covid-19, reached out to a bullied Australian boy called Corona. The boy will even receive a special gift from the Hollywood star.

Trending right now


Work from home wearing formal clothes on Friday and donate to a campaign that raises money for staff on the frontlines of Covid-19 fight.

How we can extend Dublin4you?

This is a call to our readers to suggest what app or service should we develop next on extend the functionality available on Dublin4you. Some suggestions that I was pondering:

  • A directory of language schools
  • A house sharing platform
  • A directory of businesses offering delivery services during covid

Share your thoughts with us.