Dublin4you Newsletter - Issue #5

MAY 2020

Daily Coronavirus cases drop below 100

In the last few days the daily number of confirmed Coronavirus cases dropped bellow 100. The number hasn't been that low since March 18.

On an even more positive note, the number of deaths dropped to single digits.

Let's keep going Ireland!

Phase 1 to reopen is now live

We are now in Phase 1 of the roadmap for reopening Ireland. We're headed the right way but we haven't beaten the virus just yet.

Outdoor work is allowed to resume.

Hardware stores, builders merchants and those providing essential supplies, garden centres, Opticians/Optometrists/Outlets providing hearing test services, motor vehicle and bicycle retailers are allowed to open.

Social distancing and hygiene measures apply in all cases.

Up to 4 people who don't live together can meet while staying at least 2 meters apart but we are still advised to stay home as much as possible.


Consider wearing face covering

Wearing face covering is recommended in situations when it's hard to maintain social distancing.

If possible, wear masks especially in shops and on public transport.