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RTE Aug 17, 12:42 Service held to mark British army's deployment in NI
headline.source Aug 17, 12:34 Gardaí make arrest after elderly man left in critical condition following assault
RTE Aug 17, 12:34 Taoiseach expecting 'twists and turns' over Brexit
Irish Times Aug 17, 12:08 Man in his 70s in critical condition following assault in Dublin
Irish Times Aug 17, 11:52 Fans travelling to All-Ireland hurling final warned of possible motorway delays
Irish Times Aug 17, 10:51 Northern Ireland could return to violence, study shows
headline.source Aug 17, 10:33 'As a child I had games of Mass' - meet Ireland's youngest priest (32)
RTE Aug 17, 10:28 School teachers march in protest through Hong Kong
Irish Times Aug 17, 9:07 Two people die in separate Tipperary car crashes
RTE Aug 17, 9:06 Two killed in separate road incidents in Co Tipperary
Irish Times Aug 17, 9:00 The new frontier for Irish higher education: Africa
headline.source Aug 17, 8:47 Two people killed in separate road crashes in Tipperary
RTE Aug 17, 8:00 Airline strikes looming: What are your rights?
RTE Aug 17, 8:00 New settlement on the island - here are the challenges
headline.source Aug 17, 7:43 Nóra Quoirin's family call for end to 'unhelpful' comments about her death
RTE Aug 17, 6:24 Quoirin family asks for end to 'unhelpful comments'
Irish Times Aug 17, 6:00 The power of true leadership
Irish Times Aug 17, 6:00 Fuschia bushes a promising habitat for the elephant hawkmoth caterpillar
Irish Times Aug 17, 6:00 What is this large insect that landed in our garden? Readers’ nature queries
RTE Aug 17, 5:30 Actor Peter Fonda dies aged 79
Irish Times Aug 17, 5:00 Church services
Irish Times Aug 17, 4:09 Six in 10 Garda stations open for three hours at most on weekdays
Irish Times Aug 17, 4:00 State could face legal action over public services card controversy
Irish Times Aug 17, 4:00 Public Services Card report a vindication for campaigners
Irish Times Aug 17, 4:00 North Dublin to face increased vehicle congestion at evening peak