Dublin4you Newsletter - Issue #1

APRIL 2020

Welcome to the Dublin4you Newsletter

Welcome to the first issue of the Dublin4you Newsletter -- a brief summary of what’s going on and what we’ve been up to.

They say the first step is the most difficult so I’ll jump right into it.


What’s going on in Dublin


It has been 41 since the ‘Stay at home’ order was issued by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

The latest figures bring the total number of Coronavirus cases close to 14,000. The death toll now stands at 530.

Restrictions will be in force until Tuesday, May 5.

Stay safe and follow the official health advice.

In the news

For the first time ever, due to Covid-19 restrictions, parents can register newborn babies over the Internet.

Trending right now


Keelings is a fruit company which got in trouble because of their decision to charter a plane to fly seasonal fruit pickers from Bulgaria to Ireland amidst the pandemic.


Shameless plug

Working From Home -- Happened fast and it’s here to stay [Dublin4you article]

Covid-19 forced many businesses to undergo a rapid transition to a work from home model. Suddenly, remote work has become the new norm. How do businesses and we as individuals cope with this change? Even though the technology to facilitate working from home has existed for some time, many businesses did not make conscious attempts to integrate remote working into the company culture