Dublin4you Newsletter - Issue #7

JUNE 2020

Covid Update

Coronavirus death toll in Ireland now stands at 1658. Sadly, we've only seen one day recently where there were no Coronavirus reported deaths.

On the other hand, the number of reported cases of Covid-19 has stayed below 100 consistently over the last two weeks.

Ireland now awaits transition into Phase 2 of reopening which, if everything goes according to the plan, will be introduced on June 8.

Note regarding house prices

We track changes to average house prices in the Dublin area both for sale and rental properties. Monthly moving average currently stands at €404,168 for sales and €1,965 per month for rental properties.

It's still a mystery what the long-term effect of Covid-19 crisis will be on property prices.

As Ireland reopens and developers return to work, we should see an increased supply of houses for sale. At the same time the total damage to the Irish economy is not well understood at this point. This will determine how many people will be in the position to buy.

For the rental market, the following questions are crucial: Are we going to see a decrease in the number of students coming Dublin following the pandemic?, and When will the tourists return? Students and tourists were consumers of large number of rental vacancies. A significant decrease in their number may result in decreases in the prices of rental properties.

We will be watching this space we will keep you updated.

Trending right now -- #WorldBicycleDay

It's world bicycle day and we recommend you to explore the benefits of cycling.

Bicycles are great of health, great for the environment and are a great replacement for public transport.

Ireland is now undergoing a bicycle boom. With tax incentives such as the Cycle to Work Scheme and limitations to public transport due to Covid-19 it's a perfect time to get on your bicycle.